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This House Is Not A Home is a first-person narrative-driven puzzle game about escaping the prison of their home.

This is a global game jam project, made in 48 hours.

This is a story about someone who is having a tough span of events. With the trouble both at home and school, will the pressure of life make them crack? Or will they overcome it all and seek the help they need to alleviate the stress of life?

Jeffery Erb - UI Design, Programmer

Paul Yim - Programmer

Sou Yang - 3D Artist

Rafael J Gonzalez - 3D Artist

Erik Luo - Game Designer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Main Story Writer, Programmer, Post-Processing

Taylor Coletti - Voice Actor(Mom, Child, Helpline Assistant), Dialogue and diary-Writer, Jr, Programmer

James Hollingsworth - Producer

Cameron Britnell - Sound Designer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Composer, Voice Actor(Dad)

Sofian "Ian" Bellout - Level Designer, Narrative Designer

Install instructions


Run ThisHouseIsNotAHome application.


ThisHouseIsNotAHome0.4.zip 347 MB

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